Commited to Quality

Ravine Water (Pvt) Ltd is a young and dynamic industrial and consumer goods marketing company. Our core business is the production and distribution of purified water, purified ice products and bulk water to the market. We also offer marketing support services such as branded purified water and promotional activities to support clients’ brands at any level. Ravine Water (Pvt) Ltd understands the importance of purified water for both hydration purposes and in a culinary environment.

We know what it takes to make every drop of refreshing water

We know water is different to one another and that people have their preferences depending on mouthfeel, pH level, minerality etc. We also know that not many people know why they like their favourite water – they just do.

Ravine purified water is triple filtered using Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation and UV Technology and is bottled at source to preserve its distinctiveness.

We are proudly a new brand with a smooth taste which is honestly priced offering the consumers value and a healthy choice. Our purified bottled water is supplied through most traditional distribution channels to homes, businesses, coffee shops, delis, schools, offices and workplaces with the aim to meet the ever-growing healthy hydration demand head-on.